Building Maintenance Perth

A reliable, local service

GND Property Maintenance Group are relied upon to deliver complete and tailored building maintenance services to commercial or residential properties. We service single homes, multi-dwelling buildings, and various size commercial properties. The GND team knows that having a reliable team on hand to carry out emergency repairs as well as ongoing maintenance and upkeep is important for any property owner or manager, and we provide experienced professionals in all trades for the complete building maintenance service. Our goal is to keep your building looking its best and functioning exactly the way you need it to!

Industry leaders

GND Property Maintenance Group are industry leaders when it comes to Building Maintenance, and it’s all because of our team. We provide a complete service for building interiors from electrical and carpentry to tiling, doors, painting, walls, skirtings, and ceilings.

Skilled Professionals

For external building maintenance, we can provide roof repairs and restoration, fencing, gates and bollards, guttering and downpipes, and rubbish removal. Our skilled professionals can assist in project management for renovations and will tailor a scheduled ongoing maintenance plan to suit your requirements.

Address issues quickly

The best way to keep your commercial building in top shape is to address any maintenance issues quickly to prevent bigger problems from occurring. Develop an office building maintenance checklist and use as a reference tool to keep check on potential issues. For example, after heavy rains, you may notice small stains appearing on the ceiling which can indicate an issue with the roof. Keep notes on where and how many water stains you are seeing and follow up with your maintenance team. Catching a small water leak early can prevent a major issue in future.


1. Investing in the Right Materials & Equipment. …

2. Fix the Small Things. …

3. Create a Cleaning Schedule. …

4. Maintain Good Ventilation. …

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

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