Handyman Services Perth

No job too small!

GND Property Maintenance Group have a team of skilled trades people who will take care of all handyman jobs, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes those pesky little jobs can cause the most stress if you don’t have the time, the tools, or the skills to do the work yourself.

Boasting a range of skills.

GND Property Maintenance Group’s tradesmen and women boast a range of skills and will complete your repairs and maintenance jobs quickly and to a high level of workmanship. The GND team have a strong focus on customer service, meaning we know you’ll be happy with the result every time!

Get lots of jobs done at once!

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth calling for a handyman service, consider all the jobs you can get done at once! Our handymen and women can take care of the inside of your home with general carpentry such as doors, windows, shelves, picture hanging, and building flat pack furniture; as well as tiling, re-grouting, and repairs and replacements. They will look after the outdoors too with landscaping, gardening, weeding, mowing, edging, retic, high pressure cleaning or graffiti removal. If you’d rather not do the job yourself, call in a professional handyman and get the job done right!

Most common DIY issues.

Think you can do the work yourself? DIY disasters are more common than you think! Some of the most common DIY issues include:

  • Spilling paint.
  • Sustaining an injury from tools (think: hitting your thumb with a hammer or worse!)
  • Missing vital steps when assembling flat packs.
  • Lines on fencing, tiling, or paving ending up crooked.
  • Drilling holes in walls that result in chipped plaster – or a bigger hole than you had panned! 

Forget the DIY. Make the call and get in a handyman!


1. Investing in the Right Materials & Equipment. …

2. Fix the Small Things. …

3. Create a Cleaning Schedule. …

4. Maintain Good Ventilation. …

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

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