Electrical/Air conditioning Perth

Electrical: EC 10386
AC Intallation: AU416555

Experienced Electrical Services.

GND Property Maintenance Group offers state-of-the-art electrical services ranging from simple installations, to complete rewiring, to electrical emergencies on commercial and residential electrical properties. GND employs a team of qualified, licensed, professional electricians who pride themselves on attention to detail, and understand the diverse needs of our customers. Our commercial electrical contractors have the necessary knowledge, experience, and materials to undertake complex, large-scale projects.

Commercial and Residential.

We also provide a full air-conditioning service to homes and commercial properties that includes supplying, installing and maintenance. GND Property Maintenance Group can also cover electrical emergencies 24 hours a day.

No job too big or too small.

GND Property Maintenance Group can take care of all your electrical requirements. Whether you need a complete rewire to the building, or simply require extra power points in a room, our team can help. We are experts in lighting installation and repair and will design and recommend energy efficient systems to the building. For peace of mind, our electricians are available for product testing and/or tagging and can carry out all data and cabling installations. We will also ensure your building is cool in summer and warm in winter by supplying and installing air-conditioning and can offer maintenance service to existing air-con systems.

Tips for your home.

No-one wants to lose power to their home or office, or to experience an electrical accident. Here’s five useful electrical safety tips for your home.

  • Keep electrical appliances in good working order and use them safely. 
  • Don’t overload power points with double adaptors and remember that power boards have a maximum current rating. 
  • Ensure your safety switches, surge diverters and circuit breakers are working effectively to prevent injury.
  • Avoid water around electricity! 
  • Keep up your electrical maintenance and always use a qualified and licensed electrician to carry out the work.


1. Investing in the Right Materials & Equipment. …

2. Fix the Small Things. …

3. Create a Cleaning Schedule. …

4. Maintain Good Ventilation. …

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

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