A well-maintained roof is essential for any building. GND Property Maintenance Group take care of all aspects of roof maintenance and repairs to ensure your house remains structurally sound and to help prevent damage to the living spaces. Our team have the skills and expertise to detect roof leaks and carry out repairs quickly and effectively. We can also manage all work related to guttering, down pipes, repointing, and roof and gutter cleaning.

When the wet weather hits, you want to ensure your roof is ging to stand up to the elements. Just one cracked or broken tile can let in enough water to cause significant damage to your ceilings. Your gutters also play a vital role in directing water away from your home, so if the gutters and downpipes are full of debris and leaves, the water has nowhere to go except inside. GND Property Maintenance Group recommend regular roof inspections to prevent the water getting inside the home where it doesn’t belong. We can assess your tiles and replace or repair where necessary, and will clean and vacuum gutters and downpipes to ensure they are ready for the winter downpours

GND Property Maintenance Group has these tips for roof maintenance: 

  • Regularly have your roof pressure cleaned to remove mould. Mould build-up can also lead to cracked tiles and leaking roofs.

  • Have the gutters and downpipes cleaned before winter every year to allow effective water flow.

  • Act quickly if you do see water stains on your ceiling. A quick tile replacement or repair can prevent a lot of interior damage to ceilings.

  • Leave repairs to the experts! Unless you confident in walking on the roof without causing further breakages, the best thing to do is stay on the ground and let the tradies do their job.