Tips to save money and keep cool this summer

Summer in WA is always hot and dry, and West Aussies are fairly used to it by now!

We all know the basic tips of how to stay cool in summer, and across WA, homeowners are getting prepared now by sealing leaks, servicing their air conditioners, installing blinds or heavy curtains, and generally getting their homes ready for the hot summer months.

But these days it’s not just how to keep cool that is on our minds. We also need to try and save money. Times are tough and nobody wants their power bills to soar over summer.

Here’s our Top Tips on areas that you can save money this summer while still staying cool!

Chnage your lightblubs

Many Aussie homes are still using the old-fashioned incandescent lightbulbs, which are known to produce a lot of extra heat. Switch your home to energy saving bulbs which will not only help reduce heat but save you on your next electricity bill.

Mange your temperatures

We all rely on our air con when it’s hot, and it’s tempting to blast the AC as much as we can to get cool right away. But if you can adjust your thermostat by just 1 degree warmer, it can reduce the running cost of your appliance by about 10%.

Choose good energy rated appliances

Shopping for a new air-conditioner? Pick one with a high energy-star rating and do your research to ensure you choose the right type of air-conditioner for your home.

Consider celling fans

Ceiling fans are a good investment. They are cheaper to run than an air conditioner and could cut costs by as much as 40 % in the summer.

Make sure your ceiling fan is switched to “anti-clockwise” rotation in the summer months so that air is forced down instead of up toward the ceiling.

Upgrade your AC

If your air-conditioner is more than eight years old, consider a replacement. A new system is an investment that will help you save on your energy bills and reduce the need for repairs.

Service your AC

Call in a professional to clean your outside unit to allow greater airflow and distribution. A service technician will also oil the motors and check all the components for safety hazards.

Be power smart

Avoid using appliances during “peak power” times, which is generally during the day. Where possible, use your energy-draining appliances such as the dishwasher when the sun goes down.

Change your setting

If your dishwasher has a heated dry feature, turn it off to save power. This small switch can save up to 15 % of the dishwashers’ total energy use.

If you’d like help in getting your home ready for summer, call in the experts from GND Property Maintenance Group. Our team can give you all the advice you need and make the necessary repairs and maintenance so that your appliances are working effectively.

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