Pre-winter home maintenance is a must!

With the weather turning cool, it’s the perfect time to do some pre-winter maintenance on your home. If you are wondering if it’s necessary getting your home ready for winter, here’s a few reasons why you should.

The rain is coming! 

If your roof has any cracks in the tiles, you could face a winter disaster. Leaking roof leads to water in the ceiling, which can then lead to more severe problems such as ceilings falling in, or electrics being damaged due to the rain. But even the annoyance of water stains on the ceiling and mould growing because of leaking roofs should be enough to encourage you to check your roof before winter.

Then give your gutters an overhaul. If the gutters haven’t been properly cleaned and are full of leaves and debris after summer, the rain will simply have nowhere to go. This will lead to blockages in downpipes, and rainwater spilling into roof cavity, which in turn leads to ceiling damage.

Wild wind and storms can be a disaster

Every winter, hundreds of homes and properties are damaged in storms. Whether it’s a tree branch coming down onto the roof or patio, or fences blowing over in the wind, storm damage can be a disaster for the homeowner. Damage from storms is something that needs to be fixed immediately so that the home can be used as normal, so it’s important to have someone who can come out quickly to carry out repairs as soon as they are needed.

Your house feels the cold too!

Whether or not you realise it, the cold weather is causing change to your home. When you close your home to keep the cold out, you trap the moisture inside. Then add to this the moisture in the air that is created from cooking, washing, and bathing. Cold weather encourages us to turn up the heat indoors, meaning that homes interiors go from humid to dry quickly. This means the structures are expanding and contracting more regularly, which can lead to cracks in walls and ceilings, and flaking paint.  

Property Maintenance Specialists

Homeowners, landlords and property managers should be taking the time now to prepare their properties for winter to avoid a disaster! 

GND Property Maintenance Group are specialists in preventative maintenance as well as repairs. Our team of skilled and experienced tradies can come to your home and give you an overview of what jobs need to be done to prevent winter damage. This can range from pruning trees, cleaning gutters, and filling cracks or replacing roof tiles, through to internal maintenance such as filling in cracks or gaps that may let the cold in and inspecting insulation to ensure your home is warming effectively.

With a full range of trades available, GND Property Maintenance Group is the team you need for all your property maintenance. And if you DO have a winter disaster, we will be right there to help clean it up!

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