Property maintenance is a worthwhile investment

Owning a rental property comes with the responsibility of keeping it well maintained and everything in good working order.

Maintaining your rental property is not just good for the tenant, but also makes good financial sense both in the short and long term. Maintenance can add value to the property, both immediately and in the future, as not only will you be able to charge premium rent on a well-maintained property, you’ll also likely achieve capital gain when you eventually come to sell.

There are four types of property maintenance that you need to consider as an investor and you should work with a trusted professional property management company to ensure all these requirements are met.

Proactive Property Maintenance

Being proactive with your maintenance means getting on top of small jobs before they turn into big ones. Early signs of wear and tear can be more easily fixed if taken care of early, and you may avoid having to replace items later due to them breaking. Proactive or preventative property maintenance gives you and your tenant peace of mind in knowing that the property is being kept in its best condition.

GND Property Maintenance Group work with investors to schedule regular preventative maintenance on rental properties. We offer full reporting and trusted advice, and have all the skills to fix problems that may arise.

Reactive Property Maintenance

Reactive property maintenance is something all landlords know about! This happens when the tenant calls and tells you something is broken, and you need to react right away to have it fixed. This type of maintenance is common and unavoidable, although hopefully your preventative maintenance means you will receive less emergency calls from your tenant.

Whatever the job is, the team from GND Property Maintenance Group can take care of it. We have all trades available from plumbing and electrical, to handymen and carpenters. You can rest assured that one call to GND Property Maintenance Group will mean your emergency repairs are completed quickly, professionally, and within budget.

Seasonal Property Maintenance

Seasonal property maintenance involves planning your routine maintenance around different times of the year. Properties with large yards certainly require seasonal maintenance to keep the gardens and lawns under control, but even smaller homes will require seasonal maintenance such as gutter cleaning, air-conditioner servicing, and pest control.

GND Property Maintenance Group can advise on what types of seasonal maintenance are relevant for your investment property and will take care of all the work in a timeframe that suits. 

Capital Expenses 

Capital expenses are not so much about fixing problems, but more about enhancing the property. This might include things such as improvements to plumbing, heating or air-con systems, flooring, countertops, replacing appliances, remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, or replacing windows. This type of maintenance will add long term value to the property, as well as being great for the investor come tax time.

With professional trades in all fields working within GND Property Maintenance Group, we are the best team to call on when you are ready to make improvements to your investment property.

Your trusted property management group

GND Property Maintenance Group are the experts when it comes to property maintenance, whether it is preventative, reactive, seasonal, and capital. We have all the trades on hand to cover any job you need doing and will work with you to tailor a maintenance schedule that suits you. We are also available to call on for those emergencies too.

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