You only get ONE chance to make a good first impression!

In a competitive market, the image you present to customers or potential  customers needs to always be sharp. 

Whether you are in business and have clients attend your office for meetings;  have a shop that needs to attract customers; or have property that you are  looking to lease or sell, the first thing people will notice is whether the building  and ground are well maintained. 

We are all busy in our day to day lives, especially if we are working and  running a business, and it’s easy to let slide these seemingly less important  jobs such as building, or garden, maintenance. But consider what your  customers see when they come to your premises and think about what  impression this gives about you and your business. 

Call in the experts to take care of your property maintenance needs so that  you make the BEST impression every time! GND Property Maintenance Group  can do it all for you, from garden cleans ups to painting, and everything in  between. Here’s a few examples of how we can help you. 

Freshen up the office 

Some people spend almost as much time in their office as they do at home,  so it makes sense to keep the premises comfortable, attractive, and in  working order for staff. But what about for clients or customers? If you have a  meeting room or a waiting area at your office, look around and think about  what sort of impression the room gives off. Because the last thing you want is  for them to make up their mind not to use your business because they see the  unkept premises as a reflection of your work! 

GND Property Maintenance Group have a team of tradies to help. We can  re-paint the rooms and ceilings, remove and replace old flooring, add  downlights or modern light fixtures, hang artwork, install cabinets or other  furniture, clean windows… we can even add another room if this is what your  office space needs! A fresh, clean, and modern look to your business will be  noted by your customers, and they will enjoy visiting your premises and using  your services. 

A good looking exterior

When you drive up to your office, shop, or commercial premises, what is the  first thing you see? Are the gardens overgrown? Are the exterior awnings  faded or torn? Is the building in need of repainting? Are the curbs, pathways,  or front steps cracked and in need of replacement? Now imagine your customers driving to your building and consider what type of impression they  are getting from what they see! 

GND Property Maintenance can give your building, carpark and gardens the  makeover they need so that the exterior of the building looks welcoming and  inviting to your customers. 

Ongoing maintenance 

As we launch into another busy working year, why not take the time to  create a building maintenance plan for your commercial premises, book it in,  and then you can happily move on to more important things such as your  own work. 

GND Property Maintenance Group are the experts when it comes to building  maintenance. We have all the trades on hand to cover any job you need  doing. Speak to our team about putting together a regular maintenance  service that you can essentially “set and forget” an know that our expert  trades will come to you throughout the year and take care of those jobs for  you. 

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